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We are RECONNECT New York founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2010. We are a non-profit, 501(c) company that employes young men in the Metropolitan area between the ages 18- 24 whose lives have been impacted by social and economic injustice. Giving them the opportunity to work at a social enterprise. We provide educational, professional and career development and a chance for young men to harness their artistic talents while learning a trade.





Created in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in 2010, RECONNECT first appeared as an intimate café, providing employment and comradery for young men in the neighborhood.  It quickly became a staple of the community, doubling as a safe space for a vulnerable population of young men and a quality service provider for customers.  Reconnect eventually expanded to a handful of businesses operating in multiple locations in Brooklyn—all committed to the mission of engaging the community through a population of young men who are often excluded from opportunities for growth and development.  At this stage we have served over 300 young men and expect to expand that number exponentially as we have expanded to 5 social enterprises, all gathered together on one campus for one purpose.   Reconnect partners with young men professionally and fraternally as we serve an intentionally shaped, alternative community of diverse engagement.  We have  moved to Jamaica, Queens where all five businesses operating under one roof.  They are a s follows:
1) RECONNECT Lobby Café and Gift Shop
2) RECONNECT Graphics and Apparel Print Shop
3) RECONNECT Culinary and Food Services
4) RECONNECT Commercial Maintenance and Hospitality Services

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